2020’s Helpful Resources in Review!

I'm sitting here writing this at 11:24 PM ET on New Years Eve! The past few weeks I've spent some time reflecting on the past year as well as writing down some thoughts and goals for the year ahead. In January, I had written this post: Why does 2020 feel different? where I shared some … Continue reading 2020’s Helpful Resources in Review!

Break the Ceiling, Touch the Sky

Exactly a week ago today I was in NYC for Break the Ceiling, Touch the Sky, a success and leadership summit for women. Unifrax's Chief Human Resources Officer, Brian Walker was asked to speak on a panel at the event by Anthony Rose, Owner of House of Rose Professional and creator of the conference. Brian invited a couple Unifrax colleagues to … Continue reading Break the Ceiling, Touch the Sky

Why does 2020 feel different?

2020 feels different... in a good way! I've tried morning/evening/weekend routines before and was never able to stick with them. I started to think that maybe I just wasn't a routine person... that I couldn't operate unless there was a ton of variety in my schedule. Routines felt boring to me. Well what I've realized … Continue reading Why does 2020 feel different?

Upcoming events I’m excited about! January and February 2020

Happy 2020! I’ve gotten some good feedback in the past that my network has loved these types of event posts so they can learn about different events going on in the Buffalo area! Cheers to opportunities for development, networking and volunteering! Here are the events on my calendar so far that I’m really excited about! … Continue reading Upcoming events I’m excited about! January and February 2020