In my 30, 60 and 90 minute information sessions, I help you optimize your LinkedIn profile and learn more about the platform to confidently position yourself to attract opportunities, network and reach your goals.

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In my three month 1:1 coaching program, I help you secure your next career opportunity or advance your career. My expertise and perspective on career growth revolves around online presence, personal branding and networking/building relationships. You’ll get all of the information from my 90 minute information session + we will meet once bi-weekly on weekday evenings. In between coaching sessions I will be accessible via text and email to answer questions and provide guidance as you implement the strategies!

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Are you:

Looking for a new job? Interested in changing careers? A small business owner looking to build relationships and gain clients? Want to be findable and visible online to be contacted for work/writing/speaking/podcasting/board member etc opportunities? Haven’t used social platforms professionally before, or it’s been a while and need to dust yours off? Looking to broaden your professional network? Tired of posting content that isn’t getting any traction?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, my coaching is for you!

What You’ll Learn:

How to optimize your profile: what that really means, why it’s important and how its going to help you be more visible and come up in search results. Once your profile is optimized, we’ll go through my signature connect, post and engage intentionally framework and how these pieces work together to boost your profile and brand! You’ll learn how to take control of your online presence and use it to help you thrive.

What You’ll Get:

An optimized profile, my template (and examples) on how to create an engaging and valuable post for your network, a clear framework on how to approach your online presence to make it work for you, and the confidence to network online and attract opportunities to yourself! You’ll also get an energetic coach who’s passionate about LinkedIn and helping you use it for your success. My background is 10+ years in HR and Talent Acquisition which gives me the unique perspective of how the LinkedIn Recruiter Product and algorithm work. I’ve learned a ton through trial and error using LinkedIn actively since 2017. Everything I teach I personally use and has helped me obtain a ton of professional growth. I’ll show you!

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