Adding Sparkle

I recently saw a Twitter thread by Allison Esposito Medina called “You don’t have to be rich to feel rich, a series.” I really liked a few of her ideas, like give out the full sized candy bars on Halloween. 2022 was the first year I did this actually, (my boyfriend’s idea!). You can buy full size variety boxes at Walmart and that felt affordable / worth it to me. Then we arranged them in a circle on a pretty serving tray and the kids loved them (: Anyways… where am I going with this?

The wording, “you don’t have to be rich to feel rich” didn’t resonate with me although I liked the ideas. I talked with my therapist and coach about some of my ideas more, and she helped me realize that I like to make the world around me more beautiful and add sparkle to what otherwise may seem like ordinary life things. This is my version of “feeling rich”. I came up with my own list of ways I add sparkle to my life and wanted to share them with you here. I hope this inspires you to make your own list. (:

  1. Bedding – my comforter and guest room comforter are over 10 years old, and I didn’t love the colors anymore. They were in good condition, so I decided to buy $20 white duvet covers on Amazon for both of them. I found a few affordable white patterned throw pillows at Home Goods to match. This completely elevated the look of both of those rooms. It made me happy how pretty my bed looked every morning when I made it.
  2. Tea and coffee – I LOVE going to Starbucks and cafes and buying myself “boujee” drinks! Especially during the holidays when there are unique and seasonal flavors. To save myself gas, time, and money, this year I decided to spend ~$40 on 3 boxes of K-Cups so I can enjoy coffee at home. I bought peppermint mocha, toasted graham and creme brûlée. They are all so delicious and I love coming down in the morning and giving myself a choice between the 3. (During the fall I got pumpkin spice and maple pecan.) I also went to my local grocery store and bought 3 types of seasonal tea bags, like sugar cookie. It’s so nice to open my cabinet door and see the boxes neatly arranged with so many options.
  3. Cups – I also bought a couple of custom cups on Etsy to enjoy my coffee and water from. Drinking water isn’t my favorite thing, but I sure do feel better when I drink more of it, and appreciate it more when I’m enjoying it from a pretty cup! Making simple things like mugs and cups more beautiful has helped me savor and enjoy my drinks more.
  4. Keeping my car clean and decluttered has helped me “feel rich.” It’s so nice to get into my car and be grateful for how clean it is and that it can take me to work, events, and other places I’d like to go. I bought a pack of microfiber cloths and every couple of weeks spray it with an antibacterial cleaning spray and wipe the dash, wheel, cup holders, seats, etc. Throughout the week I keep any garbage in the driver door, so it’s easy to grab in a handful and throw out quickly. Sometimes long commutes can wear on me, and I notice that I enjoy driving even more when my car is clean.
  5. Keeping spaces in general clean – I recently cleaned out my home office and recycled piles and piles of old papers, receipts, planners, etc. It made me feel lighter and that I was making space in my environment for all of the newness I’m going to attract in 2023! Decorating my home and keeping it clean also makes me feel like I’m taking care of something that gives so much to me in return, like a roof over my head and a space to host friends and family.
  6. I love to travel, so planning long weekends and trips ahead of time helps me stay positive and gives me something to look forward to that I know I’m really going to enjoy. I have a long weekend planned at the end of February to visit a friend in Pittsburgh and I can’t wait! Having a fun trip or occasion planned feels like I’m adding extra sparkle and beauty to my life. The world is so beautiful and there is so much newness to see.
  7. Being organized – using beautiful pens, stationary and planners to do it makes me happy! I spend so much time planning and organizing between work, boards, volunteer work, and friends and family, that it’s important to me to invest in good tools that work for me and make the experience of planning feel luxurious and are aesthetically pleasing. I love my Erin Condren planner, sticker sheets from Stick it Pretty, Le Pen pens and Mildliner highlighters!
  8. Create a donation schedule – I loved this idea from Allison. Every year I donate to the Erie County SPCA, Buffalo City Mission, UB, and a couple others that come up and speak to my heart. But because I don’t write down when I sent them, for what, and how much, I’m always wondering throughout the year if I gave and if it was enough. I’m grateful I have the extra funds to help others and I think writing down a schedule this year will help me focus on those organizations needs even more and be able to close the tab in my mind focused on the logistics/timing of the giving.

I’m excited to keep finding ways to add sparkle to life and make the simple things around me more beautiful! It’s been fun to turn “little” things like drinking coffee and driving into something I enjoy, appreciate, and am grateful for. Creating these moments of sparkle and enjoyment also makes a positive difference in my mindset. For example, by keeping my home and spaces clean, it helps keep my mind clean too, and gives me more capacity to enjoy life and spread joy to others.

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