Emerging Professional Toolkit

I love helping young and emerging professionals gain knowledge and skills to set them up for a successful career! I’ve learned so much since starting in HR through my first internship in 2012, and I love to share my experiences and perspective. This page is a culmination of resources throughout my website in one location, and other external resources. If you have topic ideas you’d like to see on this page, contact me and let me know!

A Young Professional’s Pursuit (an inside look at my story!) – SHRM blog

HR Emerging Professionals Learning Series


Why You Should Network ASAP – SHRM blog

Going to a Networking Event Alone, You Can Do It! – blog

LinkedIn 101 – Tips to Get Started – podcast

Important LinkedIn Profile Basics – blog

How to Connect, Post, and Engage Intentionally on LinkedIn – LinkedIn Live recording with Orlando Haynes

Job Searching

Preparing for an initial screen with a recruiter – blog / IGTV

The Importance of Transferrable Skills – blog

Are You Ready to Apply for that Job? Preparing for Your Job Search – webinar

Are You Ready to Break Into a Career in HR? Advice from the Pros – blog

Feeling Discouraged About Your Job Search? It’s Okay! My Best Tips – blog

First Position

Hitting the Ground Running in Your New Job – SHRM blog

Creating Credibility as a Young Professional – webinar recording

Building Credibility as a Young Professional – HonestHR podcast recording

LeadOn! Leadership Skills – A UB student engagement podcast

Personal Development

Confidently Writing About Yourself – blog

Goal Setting Tips – blog

Impostor Syndrome and Confidence for Young Professionals – blog

Impostor Syndrome and Growth Mindset for Emerging Professionals – YouTube interview with Jane Murtaugh, Human Resources Management Professor at the College of DuPage