Meet Kimberly Bozeman – #HRCommunity!

Meet Kim Bozeman, SHRM-SCP and connect with her on LinkedIn! Kim and I first met on Twitter through the engaged #HRCommunity there. If you aren’t on Twitter yet – join us! We’d love to help you network. You can also connect with Kim on Twitter. She loves people, law, HR and social justice. I’ve loved getting to know Kim. Read on to learn more about her – she has her own business and is an energetic, authentic and people focused HR Leader.

How did you learn about and get into the HR field?

I entered the HR field through a supervision and training role at Blue Shield of California. I coached and trained employees, handled scheduling and time off request, and assisted with time keeping and payroll for my team, and trained first-line managers on how to conduct interviews, and stay out of hot water! I enjoyed coaching and training my team, and knew I’d be an asset to the HR field! From there I got involved with reviewing applications, interviewing and onboarding new team members into the department.

What challenges have you faced that others can learn from?

Breaking into HR is not easy. You have to be determined. Most recruiters and hiring managers overlook key transferrable skills. I have been overlooked for many opportunities due to a perceived lack of experience because I didn’t have “HR” in my job title. In my opinion, this represents a lack of critical thinking on the recruiting/hiring team’s part. Having had this happen to me, I’m passionate about and have a knack for evaluating candidates for their transferrable skills. During my time with Constellation Brands, I was able to consult with hiring managers to think outside the box and dig deeper than job titles and resume bullets. We asked great questions to get to know our candidates and made some great hires! It’s amazing to see candidates that I advocated for still with the company, and progressing their careers. 

What part of your work excites you the most or is the most rewarding?

That’s a hard question! How about this… payroll is the only thing that doesn’t excite me about working in HR! I have a heart for people, business, and wearing multiple hats – which is why I love HR. Helping small businesses get their HR departments established is so rewarding. I really enjoy the partnership it takes to set up systems, processes and procedures to support the employees and the organization. Knowing that I am facilitating discussions that are not always easy from a place of compassion gives me peace. The most rewarding, and important work is infusing the intersections of policy, and social justice into HR. 

You have a unique background in politics, HR, and civic engagement. How do all of these pieces work together in your career?

The intersection between HR and civic engagement is often misunderstood, and what makes my company KNB Sensible Solutions unique. Legislation impacts the most essential pieces of a business and their people. Knowing industry specific guidelines is key as well. Understanding issues that impact employees and business is essential in this competitive market. You cannot truly have a diverse company or DEI initiatives without understanding the political climate and how it effects your people. It’s essential that HR is on the front lines advocating for social justice and educating the C-suite on the critical role it plays in having sustainability in the organization. HR should ensure that they let humanity, and data tell the story. 

What is your secret sauce?

Outside of my diverse background that includes HR, business and policy, my work ethic and customer service skills are unmatched. Compassion, humanity and integrity are the foundations of KNB Sensible Solutions. They are also the most important soft skills that HR professionals should possess. I also understand the connection between business, HR and policy, and I truly enjoy it. Most importantly, I love to be goofy, have fun, and being a unique perspective to HR! 

What do you enjoy doing to practice self-care?

This is an area I am constantly working on. I am determined to find balance between my ambitious and driven personality, and self-care. I recently started a daily meditation, and before a health crisis I was teaching myself how to swim. The pool is where I’ve found peace. Yoga and hiking (at a very slow pace) is something I want to do more of. The most important, and often overlooked aspect of self-care is setting boundaries, saying no, and not entering into business relationships that don’t align with my values, morals and beliefs. As my good friend Hennither Gant says, “All money isn’t good money.”

What is a word of advice or encouragement you’d give to aspiring HR professionals?

There is so much I want to say here. The most important thing is this: YOU ARE ENOUGH. You have to believe in yourself. Be relentless, determined, and remember you have a set of unique abilities and talents. Learn the craft, honor who you are, and do NOT try to imitate others. The most important things about HR are understanding people, being a self-starter, having critical thinking skills and integrity. The laws, policies and nuances can be learned. Integrity and compassion have to be there from the start. If you are not getting opportunities, create them for yourself by reaching out to your network and keeping a focus on self-development.

Share something fun about yourself!

I am a football fanatic. I schedule meetings and connections around football. Monday, Thursday and Sunday are usually off limits unless there is a serious crisis I need to assist with! I am a niner faithful, but I love all football. I watch all televised games, and look forward to visiting some of the new stadiums next year. 

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