Why does 2020 feel different?

2020 feels different… in a good way! I’ve tried morning/evening/weekend routines before and was never able to stick with them. I started to think that maybe I just wasn’t a routine person… that I couldn’t operate unless there was a ton of variety in my schedule. Routines felt boring to me. Well what I’ve realized after these 20 days of 2020 is that I had the wrong tasks and activities in my past routines. I think the shift has been that my new routine engages me, helps me think differently, and be more positive – so it’s something I can commit to!

I’ve found a few new tools that I love and am excited to share – I hope they help you too!

  • I start every morning with at least 10 minutes of reading. I’ve been reading How to stop feeling like sh*t (paid link) by Andrea Owen. “How to Stop Feeling Like Sh*t is a straight-shooting approach to self-improvement for women, one that offers no-BS truth-telling about the most common self-destructive behaviors women tend to engage in. From listening to the imposter complex and bitchy inner critic to catastrophizing and people-pleasing, Andrea Owen–a nationally sought-after life coach–crystallizes what’s behind these invisible, undermining habits.” – yourkickasslife.com. I’m about half way through and so much is resonating with me and teaching me new ways to take care of and better myself.


  • I’m also writing down what I’m grateful for each morning. It starts my day on such a positive note to think about everything that’s going for me as opposed to worrying about what’s not. I can feel a positive shift in my mood and that I’m not sweating the small stuff as much as I was before! I’m using this Erin Condren softbound planner.


  • A friend recomended Woebot to me, which I use every evening. (You can pick what time of day you want it to send you a push notification/check in with you) Woebot is an app that gives you helpful tools and takes you through exercises to improve your mental health. Each evening I check in and share my mood and learn something new – mindfulness, labels, all or nothing statements, should statements, challenging negativity and stress, and so much more. Try it, you’ll be hooked!
  • Every Saturday or Sunday I sit down for an hour and plan for the upcoming week. I use an Erin Condren life planner. I love to write in my wins from the past week and write to-dos for the upcoming week. This “brain dump” helps me sleep well and feel more rested and prepared to tackle the week ahead. This is also when I plan what I want to post on social media for the week. (Both for my personal pages and Empower Camp!) I look at what events I’m planning, hosting or attending and how I want to spread the word about them!lifeplanner
  • I also joined the Zen your work in 2020 challenge hosted by Dr. Karlyn Borysenko. I’ve met Karlyn and heard her speak multiple times at SHRM conferences and I love her message. She helps individuals and organizations create better work experiences. Through this challenge for the month of January she is sharing helpful tips on goal setting, confidence, mindfulness and more. It’s been a great experience to interact with other people in the group and go through the exercises. (She also has an awesome book called Zen Your Work! – paid link)
  • A few other things
    • I found a 2018 accomplishment list that I had written, so I recently wrote one for 2019 as well. I think with the hustle and bustle of life sometimes we don’t take enough time to appreciate and be proud of all that we do! This gave me a renewed sense of confidence and ambition to crush my 2020 goals.
    • I joined a gym (again) but it feels different this time! I’m actually prioritizing it. In the past, if I had something else going on I’d be like well, I just can’t make it to the gym. But I started thinking about it this way… I’m telling myself I don’t have time for the gym, when in reality I just wasn’t making it a priority. Each weekend when I plan for the coming week, I fit the gym in at least 3 days. I rearrange other things so I can make it. The new Catalyst Fitness on Maple Rd in Amherst is AMAZING. Even if you don’t plan to join, go in for a tour. The energy in there is amazing. For the first time I’ve tried classes and I’m loving them and having so much fun. It feels so good to move my body, something that I’m grateful to be able to do. After working out I feel accomplished! Along with this, I’ve also been getting groceries every Saturday and meal-prepping every Sunday. I noticed not planning food ahead of time was causing stress in my life. Easy to eliminate the stress by prioritizing!

I know there’s nothing special about January 1st, but something about starting off this new year on a better foot than past years got my butt in gear. I’m so glad I found all of these tools around the same time and everything came together. What tools do you find helpful and that make your life more positive? Do you have a routine? I’d love to hear from you! Cheers to a fabulous, successful and happy 2020!

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