My First Video

294 likes…. 9k views… and still climbing! I wanted to thank everyone in my  network who has taken the time to watch my first LinkedIn video. If you haven’t seen it, it can be found here.

I love the #embracethesuck campaign that’s been going around LinkedIn because it’s empowering people to embrace their circumstances, get through them, and know it’s okay. Everyone goes through something less than ideal in their lives and by sharing it, it not only helps you get past it, but you let others support you as well.

My video talks about how whatever you are going through, whatever path you are currently on, it’s meant to be. If you are working hard every day, striving to be your best, and staying positive, you will be successful. Although I didn’t go away to my dream school (and I felt defeated about it at first) I made the most of my experience and it ended up being a decision I am so happy with! It’s okay to doubt yourself, it’s okay to not be in control of everything. Do your best, and just keep going. (I’m also super bummed that my stomach can’t handle blood or needles. Learned that really quickly while working at the SPCA. Being a vet would be pretty amazing. But working in HR and helping people is pretty amazing too!)

I’ve learned a few things after completing this first video:

  • The community on LinkedIn and Twitter can offer you so much support if you let it
  • By collaborating with and supporting others, I’m growing and supporting myself
  • If there is something you want to do, just start it! The video I posted was actually my first/only take. I decided to dive right in and go for it, even though I was a little nervous
  • Doing that first video has now given me the fuel to start a blog – this one right here!
  • I love knowing that through social media, the amount of people I may be able to help and influence is endless. That is such a powerful feeling!

Connect with me on LinkedIn and stay tuned for my future videos. I’m excited to share what I have to offer and connect with amazing people!

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