Exhausted yet energized: a #SHRM21 wrap-up

Exhausted yet energized has been the phrase I find myself repeating since I left Las Vegas a few days ago. I honestly needed the last few days to process everything that happened during the conference! It was my first conference in over 2 years - so many hugs, learnings, connections etc were had and it … Continue reading Exhausted yet energized: a #SHRM21 wrap-up

My #SHRM21 Schedule

I'm backkk! I was so bummed SHRM20 in San Diego, CA was cancelled... but here we are only a few short weeks away from #SHRM21 in Las Vegas! Personally, I love Vegas and am looking forward to the conference being back there and attending on-site. SHRM19 in Vegas was such a blast, and since that … Continue reading My #SHRM21 Schedule

Fulfilled, Energized, Supported. A #SHRM19 Wrap-Up

I thought nothing could top last year’s SHRM Annual Conference and Exposition in Chicago, but after this year in Las Vegas I’ve learned that every year is likely to be better than the last! (Here's my SHRM18 Wrap-Up if you missed it!) I was reflecting on my flight home to Buffalo and I’m feeling so … Continue reading Fulfilled, Energized, Supported. A #SHRM19 Wrap-Up

My #SHRM19 Schedule

I'm going to try something new this year - publishing my schedule so it's easier for friends who aren't attending to hop on Twitter and get the nuggets from certain sessions that interest them! During the sessions I'm attending, I'll be live tweeting using #SHRM19 and #ClaireShares Click here to follow #ClaireShares on Twitter! *All … Continue reading My #SHRM19 Schedule