My Favorite Lobster Rolls and Charcuterie Boards in Buffalo, NY

With the summer in Buffalo being so lovely this year, I’ve spent a lot more time out and about eating and drinking with my friends! Two of my favorite meals are a good lobster roll and charcuterie board. I’ve had a great time trying and tasting them, and my friend Vilona who I’ve been eating with lately encouraged me to create my first food blog! She’s a writer herself (: Let’s get to it! *Menus change from time to time and I’m sharing my experience from when I was there! Please visit each location’s website I linked or give them a call with any menu questions*

Top 3 Lobster Rolls

1. My all time favorite is from Britesmith Brewing in Williamsville, NY. I grew up living in both Amherst and Williamsville during middle school, high school and college and always loved going to Glen Falls and Glen Park, which Britesmith is right on! The setting is beautiful, and I love their huge outdoor patio and outdoor bar. This lobster roll was warm and creamy, and didn’t have a lot of extra “stuff.” I also loved the tater tots.

Britesmith’s Lobster Roll

2. My next favorite is from Shuck Shack! I loved when Shuck Shack popped up on Ohio Street during 2020. I went a few times to eat outside and sit on the water. This summer, I’m glad they did pop ups throughout the Buffalo area. I recently attended one when they were at Hartman’s Distilling Co (One of my favorite spots for a drink!). I ordered the lobster roll and oysters, which were both amazing. (This was definitely more of a lobster salad in my opinion)

Shuck Shack’s Lobster Roll

3. Next favorite is from Prescott’s Provisions. When I worked in Tonawanda, this was THE lunch spot! I love their drinks and pizzas. I’ve also been to Prescott’s for their 6 course Valentine’s dinner which was incredible. I’ve never not liked something I’ve eaten there. The lobster roll was very good, but ranked third for me because it was the most mustard-y. Still creamy like the others, but a bit too tangy for my taste. I still ate every bite lol (: Only con is that it’s always noisy. I think it’s more so the set up of the environment than the actual amount of people or volume. So, I don’t think it’s a great spot to go and catch up with a friend you haven’t seen in a while.

Prescott’s Lobster Roll

Now onto my top 3 Charcuterie Boards

1. Billy Club is hands down my favorite restaurant in Buffalo, and they have the best charcuterie board! I love going for my birthday dinner every year. I also frequent the bar with girlfriends on Fridays after a long week at work, and Sundays for brunch! (The steak and eggs is to die for – but we aren’t talking about brunch today. Maybe that post is next!) I love their charcuterie board because everything has it’s place and purpose, and you can mix and match everything. (At least I can – I’m not that picky about flavors together). What I find with charcuterie boards at most other restaurants is that there ends up being some sort of random element, such as fruit or olives, that can’t be eaten easily with anything else. The cheese, meats, honey, jam and bread has been perfect and so tasty every single time. The vibe inside their location is also my favorite.

2. My second favorite charcuterie board in Buffalo is at Graylynn. I’ve been eating charcuterie boards around Buffalo for years trying to see if anything comes close to Billy Club, and nothing has until recently at Graylynn. Honorable mention was the pistachio crusted goat cheese. Spread on the toast, it was so good. I enjoyed all 3 meats also. I love their outdoor patio area in the heart of downtown.

Graylynn’s Charcuterie Board

3. I’m excited to highlight Meet & Eat Charcuterie! Though no other restaurant has come close with a good charcuterie board other than Billy Club and Graylynn, Kristen Cronyn, Owner of Meet & Eat Charcuterie did a fabulous charcuterie board making class / team building event for Lighthouse Technology Services. We hosted the event in the meeting space at Seneca One and Kristen brought everything – custom engraved wooden boards for every member of our team, supplies, of course all of the ingredients, and her wonderful energy that lead us through arranging the food items on our boards. I highly recommend contacting her today if you’re interested in doing a class or event, or need to place a custom order for a party, gifts, and more!

I hope you enjoyed my first food post! Please send me a message with any questions or feedback. I’d love to hear from you!

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