#UBSHRMChat Coming up on 11/13 at 5:30 PM ET!

On October 18th I put out the following tweet, and of course the response from my fabulous HR Twitter network was super positive!


I’m so excited my network will participate in this Twitter chat to help the SHRM club members at one of my alma maters, University at Buffalo, learn to Twitter chat! I’ve spoken to the UB SHRM club before on the importance of using social media for professional development and networking, and I’m excited for the opportunity to engage them in a chat so they can see how it really works. Thank you in advance to the HR Pros who can attend and share their knowledge with the students.

Here are the questions I have lined up for the #UBSHRMChat:

Q1) Please introduce yourself! Name, location, current job/internship title if you have one and any other details you’d like to share

(Please respond with A1, your answer, and the hashtag #UBSHRMChat)

Q2) Why are you interested in HR/what has kept you interested in and excited about working in HR?

Q3) What’s an area within HR that you would like to learn more about and why? (Recruiting, benefits, training, etc)

Q4) Tag a friend you reccommend others participating this evening follow. Even better, share the link to their website or a blog post

Q5) What resources have your discovered that have helped you learn more about HR, business or leadership? Please mention or link them here!

Q6) What is a piece of advice you would give your younger self or those currently getting into the HR field?

Q7) HR pros – Share how you got into the HR field. I love how everyone’s story is unique!

Please reach out to me if you have any questions. I look forward to seeing you on Twitter on Wednesday, November 13th at 5:30 PM ET for the first #UBSHRMChat!


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