When I think synergy, I think about two people who are aligned and working together. I’ve been thinking about this more and more recently and synergy is actually so much more than that. It’s cooperation, combined effort, and having a goal of creating something that is greater than an individual contribution.

Gilad Rosinger created a LinkedIn campaign called the #SynergisticRevolution and he talked about how this revolution is bringing change, compassion and success. It’s so true. We are truly better together, and social media is a great way to bring people together who otherwise would never get to speak to or meet with each other.

A lot of us are affected by social media “trolls” or negative people who unfortunately find power and fuel through making others feel badly, insecure, etc. We can’t fuel this fire because it will not make the world a better place. We all have gifts, talents and stories to share. Let’s continue to share so we can connect with and help others, and build them up, which in turn builds up ourselves as well. Life is full of challenges, but we need to rise above and support each other through these challenges.

I have a few communities that I synergize with in my life. One is my HR community both locally and on Twitter. I’ve had phone calls with HR pros who I’ve met on Twitter – how amazing is that! I’ll be meeting most of them in real life at SHRM 18 in Chicago in June. It’s so great to have people you consider friends, who understand your line of work, but can provide an outside/unique perspective.

Next, I was part of a women in leadership group during 2017 where we discussed challenges we face in the workplace as women. We also helped each other be comfortable with sharing tough situations, shared advice on how to overcome those situations, and worked on enhancing our soft skills. Most importantly, I met an amazing group of ladies who I now consider life long friends who I will always be there for.

I also love my newly found LinkedIn community. I had always been active on LinkedIn in terms of sharing open job opportunities, and what I’m doing in my local community. But it was more about information sharing. Recently, I’ve taken it a step further by focusing more on making meaningful connections. I’ve gotten to exchange messages, tips and encouragement from new friends, which has been so uplifting.

Of course, my friends and family have always been there for me to support me and cheer me on. I would never be the person I am now – the person I get to share with all of you – if it wasn’t for them.

Thank you to all of my communities for synergizing with me and helping me grow. Let’s keep this revolution going. Keep writing, keep recording, keep sharing, keep building connections. It’ll continue to open doors with new opportunities for both yourself and others. We are better together.

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