Important LinkedIn Profile Basics

Today I'll share some of my favorite tips to nail your LinkedIn profile basics. Contact me for coaching services if you want to dive in more to your specific situation! (: Optimize your profile! You'll want a profile that's filled out and tells your story before you start to connect, post and engage intentionally. Once … Continue reading Important LinkedIn Profile Basics

2020’s Helpful Resources in Review!

I'm sitting here writing this at 11:24 PM ET on New Years Eve! The past few weeks I've spent some time reflecting on the past year as well as writing down some thoughts and goals for the year ahead. In January, I had written this post: Why does 2020 feel different? where I shared some … Continue reading 2020’s Helpful Resources in Review!

A Q&A with Sesha Yalamanchili – D&I Consultant

As you saw in my recent blog post, the Buffalo Niagara Partnership's Diversity & Inclusion Virtual Learning Series event is coming up! I decided to interview Sesha Yalamanchili, who will be hosting the third event of the series, to learn more about her work and what you can expect from the session she is facilitating! This session … Continue reading A Q&A with Sesha Yalamanchili – D&I Consultant

Diversity & Inclusion Virtual Learning Series

The Buffalo Niagara Partnership’s Diversity & Inclusion Virtual Learning Series is coming up!  I'm so excited that The Partnership pivoted to virtual events and added this important event to the lineup this year - especially since the 2020 D&I Symposium had to be rescheduled to June 8th, 2021. Last year's D&I Symposium held in June … Continue reading Diversity & Inclusion Virtual Learning Series

LinkedIn Tips for Small Business Owners

There’s a lot of noise out there right now. People are frustrated from the amount of “cold” connection requests and InMails they’re getting on LinkedIn. People are frustrated from getting a generic connection request and then getting hit with a sales pitch as soon as they hit accept. As we know as small business owners, … Continue reading LinkedIn Tips for Small Business Owners